The music game will never be the same!!
Powered by Revohloo-tionary technology revohloo is reinventing all aspects of music video entertainment, from creation to monetization, by partnering with Artists, Directors and Producers, in some cases Revohloo Studios will even fund the production of Artists IMVMV or Revohloo with no recoupment required by Revohloo Studios. Revohloo is also partnering with directors in effort to encourage the adoption of our technology Revohloo is offering Directors and Producers the opportunity to share Revohloo’s portion of the revenue, in effort to create a self sustainable and vibrant digital music industry.

Art Deco Images New Music Store 2 The Future

“Go Green” Point of Purchase Concepts through the advancement and acceleration of QR code technology placed within Point of Purchase concepts and capabilities in a variety of styles of technology. ATM video point of purchase ads, interactive video mirror ads, taxi-screen ads, point of purchase t-shirts, sunglasses and more! CEO of Art Deco Images Dorthea Curry-Mz Dolla Opportunity is set to become the next great big mogul in the music entertainment industry changing the game with the Music Store 2 The Future. Over the weekend of Oct. 16th-19th, Diddy organized the first-ever Revolt Music Conference at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach. Mz Dolla Opportunity was invited to enter the NewMe Pitch Competiton, she unveiled the :” Got Game Digital” Mun Ray Selling Shades. The conference brought together titans of the music industry together for panels and music showcases where guest could learn the ins and outs of the business.

3rd Twin featured in Stardom101 Magazine “Stars in the Making”




RIP CITY ALL-STARS Sunday October 19th Hawthorne Theatre 1507 SE 39th ave.Portland, OR Doors Open at 5PM
Featuring: 3RD TWIN $10 advance $15 at the Door

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