Show-Stopping Rap Artist

Thorn City Syndicate of Portland, Oregon, currently represents the sensational rap artist 3rd Twin. His great talent, remarkable word play, and powerful punchlines have quickly earned him the rank of the hottest MC and lyricist in Portland.

A History of Talent

Born Roy Moore III in Portland, 3rd Twin, formerly known as Gemini 3rd Twin, is a 20-year rap veteran who has done it all. From winning rap battles all across the country to being signed to a major label, 3rd Twin began writing raps at the tender age of 12. He landed his first recording contract at age 14 with DM Entertainment®. With a captivating stage presence and phenomenal talent, 3rd Twin burst onto the Portland hip-hop scene.

The Path to Success

3rd Twin formed his first rap group, Konflic, with three childhood friends. One of their first performances was at Portland’s second installment of its only local hip-hop showcase, PO HOP2. Konflic was by far the youngest group to hit the stage. From that moment on, Konflic paved the way for the young MCs around town.

Charismatic Stage Presence

Catch the latest hits and performances by 3rd Twin. Live shows and blood-pumping singles are available now.


3rd Twins long overdue solo album History In The Making EP/Documentary coming soon!

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